About Us

The Origin of Rabbit's Naturals: Founded by a passionate student from Queen's University in Kingston, Ontario, Rabbit's Naturals was born out of a genuine concern for the exorbitant markups in the natural supplement industry. We believe that access to natural remedies, especially in North America, should not be a luxury. Our mission is to provide high-quality, trustworthy supplements without the hefty price tag, making natural healthcare affordable for all.

Our Expertise: Our products are crafted by a team of seasoned healthcare professionals with a wealth of expertise in the natural supplement domain. Manufactured in GMP-approved facilities in the USA, every product we offer is backed by extensive research and is FDA-registered, ensuring you receive nothing but the best.

Global Sourcing, Local Manufacturing: At Rabbit's Naturals, we pride ourselves on sourcing the finest ingredients from their native regions across the globe. While we endeavor to go directly to the source for most ingredients, some are also locally sourced and manufactured in the USA, ensuring a blend of global quality and local trust.

Research & Compliance: While we currently do not conduct our own clinical studies, all our products are supported by extensive global research and are manufactured in facilities registered with the FDA. We adhere to all legal and regulatory guidelines, ensuring our customers receive products that are both safe and effective.

The Future of Rabbit's Naturals: Our long-term vision is to establish Rabbit's Naturals as a dominant player in the North American Natural Supplement Market. While we currently distribute locally in the USA, our roots are Canadian, and we're eager to serve the Canadian market in the near future. Beyond just supplements, we envision a future where we can offer additional medicinal therapies and compounds, expanding our reach and offerings. We're here to challenge industry giants, educate the masses, and empower individuals, especially the youth, to take control of their health naturally.